Drama #2

gtfo with pm or pms or whatever,bring the drama back

well this is how is the story…
Advol loves Evey
Jasin loves also Evey
Lucie or botgirl(cant remember but i think lucie,cause botgirl is closer to male than female feelings) loves Jasin
Advol was mad cause Evey spend lot time with Jasin so he offered her the hero
Lucie was mad cause Jasin spend more time with Evey than her,thats why he hero shout “im happy with Evey out of clan w/e is the reason” xD
Jasin seems cool

…but who Evey loves is still a mistery!

back on hero’s subject

Jasin lost to exequtor?(puimik smiles happy)
Evey or I?
Ebil new owner=someone who plays 7 years,who?
Mits grp 2 heroes

SH mass reqruit all randoms(wtj also),Yellow clan merged good

conclusion SH=dead,Yellow=dominating


edit:and 1month with no facking naked :D

Source: l2guru.com

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